Result: Medal, Queen’s 12.4.14

Chris McLaren’s excellent net 72 (77-5) in very windy conditions won him the first Medal of the season by one stroke from David Roxburgh, with Andy Lothian third.

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4 Responses to Result: Medal, Queen’s 12.4.14

  1. Martin Super says:

    Well done Chris
    You must have had an inspiring playing partner ?

  2. dunwhinny says:

    I wonder who that could have been?

  3. peter yarwood says:

    chris well done,you were lucky to have a good playing partner,the two i played with did nothing to inpire me,having said that david ledbetter would have walked in after my three drives on the 3rd !!
    ps mike, i logged on !


  4. Alan Keeney says:

    Congratulation on your new pair of glasses Chris.
    What a fantastic score from Mr Roxburgh ( the king of the Queens) An inspiration and a fine example to your fellow members Roxy. 🙂

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