Dun Whinny Foursomes Champions Thwarted

A valiant effort by Mike Collier and Chris McLaren in the Second Round of the Daily Mail Foursomes on Sunday was to no avail, when they lost narrowly to the home pairing at Muthil. The tight test of the 9-hole track proved too much for Basher McLaren and his erstwhile partner Collier. 2012 Dun Whinny Foursomes winners Martin Super and Alan Keeney said “We are disappointed for Mike and Chris, as they won’t experience the thrill of the 6 rounds and multiple venues through which we progressed last year. We wish them every success in defending the Dun Whinny title this year.”

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2 Responses to Dun Whinny Foursomes Champions Thwarted

  1. Martin Super says:

    NARROW LOSS ????

  2. Alan Keeney says:

    Muthil is clearly not a Basher course. Mike/Chris who did you beat in the first round ?

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