Bell Trophy

Stewart Lockhart, Captain of the Dun Whinny Bell Trophy team reports as follows:

“The Bell Trophy team remained unchanged after victory at Kenmore for the next round tie which was again away – this time to Blair Atholl.

Despite the Blair Atholl’s very experienced team in these type of events the Dun Whinny team put on some brave performances especially from Peter Yarwood and Mike Cantlay who both saw off their respective opponents. However the team narrowly lost overall 3 & 2. A late lunch and best wishes to Blair Atholl at their club house ended Dun Whinny’s challenge for another year.

Colin Moran, match secretary, and Stewart Lockhart, team Captain, would like personally to thank this year’s team and previous teams for their contributions and commitment.”

And indeed Dunn Whinny’s thanks go to Colin and Stewart for their tireless efforts.

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1 Response to Bell Trophy

  1. Dun Whinny says:

    A valiant effort, lads! Congratulations on your efforts.

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