Mid Season Review

2020 will be year that none of us will forget and has of course had a massive impact on our golf season.

On 21st March Dun Whinny held the last of the pre-season warm up events on the PGA against a background of a gathering world pandemic. That proved to be the last golf that we would play until lockdown restrictions improved some nine weeks later.

After easing our way back with a month of social two ball golf, restrictions were eased to the point that the club decided that it was possible to compete for all of our normal club trophies provided we were prepared to make a few compromises and so starting on 4 July we embarked on a slightly frantic programme of competitive golf, which we are now more than half way through.

The knock out stages of the Club Championship and Millennium Trophy will be played over the weekend of 29-31 August and sandwiched in the middle is our annual Charity Medal.

There is still plenty to look forward to this season. On September 5 we have our annual outing, this year to the Torrance Course at the Fairmont St Andrews, we still have quite a few counting competitions for those keen to work on their handicaps and a number of trophies are still undecided. Winter golf will commence on 7th November.

Very sadly, due to the pandemic, we have had to cancel our annual dinner dance and prize giving, which is a particular shame as the club is generally in excellent shape. We have attracted an unusually large number of new members over the past two three years and this has continued this year despite the unusual circumstances. Since 2018 a total of 32 new members have joined the club. Over the same period 24 members have left the club but almost all of these were very infrequent players and so the playing strength of the club has increased significantly. This has been reflected in the very strong turn out for competitions, particularly this year.

We have also made a huge leap with technology this season with the adoption of the Scottish Golf app which we now use to enter / withdraw from all club competitions and to score as we play. Generally this has proved very popular with members and has several excellent features including a leaderboard so that players can check on the rest of the field as they play. It also leads to much quicker publication of results.

So, an unusual season so far in many ways but a good one also and much still to look forward to.

I’d like to thank all of our members for supporting the club with such enthusiasm during these very difficult past few months.

Mike Page, Hon Secretary

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