Club formation

Dun Whinny (Gleneagles) Golf Club was formed at a meeting held at 8 p.m. on Thursday 30th April 1936. There were nine individuals present including the Gleneagles professional Mr Gordon Lockhart, Mr John Dougall, who became the first Club Captain and Mr James Penny who became the Club’s first Secretary and Treasurer, a position he would not relinquish until 1977, the year in which he died!

There were initially fourteen ordinary members and three honorary members, including the General Manager of the hotel – a tradition that has been maintained ever since.

What was perhaps most extraordinary was the handicaps of the founding members. At a meeting held on 21st May that year, by which time membership has risen to nineteen, the list of members’ handicaps showed that sixteen out of the nineteen had handicaps of 7 or lower! More than two thirds of the members were Category 1 golfers!

Follow this link to view the Club’s first ever minuted meeting in 1936. 

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