Club Constitution

1 Name
The Club shall be called “Dun Whinny Golf Club”
2 Objects
The Objects of the Club shall be the promotion of (a) friendly games among the Members, (b) Competition and (c) Matches with other Clubs.
3 Conditions of Membership
Membership of the Club shall be restricted to Annual Subscribers or persons similarly entitled to play over the Courses on which the Club Competitions are to be played.
With the exception of the original Members, no new Members may be admitted to the Club unless:-
(1) The nomination has been proposed by a Member of the Club
(2) The nomination is approved by a majority of the Council of the Club after mentioned.
Honorary Members to a number not exceeding four may be appointed at an Annual General Meeting.
The Council may at their discretion confer Life Membership on a limited number of Members who have over the years been staunch supporters of the Club.
Any Life Member or long-standing Member who has ceased to be an Annual Subscriber or similarly entitled to play over the Gleneagles Hotel Golf Courses may be invited by the Council to attend social functions of the Club, Club Outings, Foreign Tours and occasional Competitions on payment of the prevailing Green Fee for the purpose of continuing the ex-Members association with the Club subject to the ex-Member being excluded from participation in winning Club Trophies.

Any member who chooses to suspend temporarily their Gleneagles golf membership for personal or health reasons may apply to Council to have their membership status converted to that of “associate member”. Associate members will be maintained on the club’s membership list, will receive all normal Club communications, will be entitled to attend any Club social events and may play in (but not win) any club competitions as a guest of any full member. They may attend the Club AGM or any EGM but will not be entitled to vote. On resumption of full Gleneagles playing status they will automatically revert to full membership. They will pay a membership fee as determined by members at each AGM.

4 Office Bearers
The Office Bearers shall consist of a Captain, Vice Captain, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, Handicap Secretary and Match Secretary. Excepting in the case of the Captain any one of the other Office Bearers may combine two of the foregoing functions. The Match Secretary shall act as the club representative to Perth and Kinross County Golf Union.
5 Executive
The Council of the Club shall consist of the Office Bearers and two Members of the Club elected at the Annual General Meeting, and its business affairs shall be managed by the Council – four to form a quorum.  All business meetings of the Club or Council shall be presided over by the Captain, whom failing the Vice-Captain, whom failing a Chairman to be elected by the meeting.  The Chairman shall have a casting vote.
6 Property
All property of the club shall be vested in the Office Bearers.
7 Election of Council
The Annual General Meeting of the Club, at which the Office Bearers and Members of Council for the ensuing year shall be elected, shall be held in March in each year.   Office Bearers and Members of Council shall be eligible for re-election.  The Council shall have power to fill up any casual vacancies in their number.
8 Bye-Laws
The Council shall have power at any time to make Bye-Laws for the proper regulation of the Club.
The Rules in any Competition promoted by the Club shall be those of the R and A as amended by them from time to time.
The Council shall decide any dispute relating to a Competition. The Council’s decision shall be final and binding on all concerned.
9 Subscription
The Annual Subscription shall be a sum agreed by the Members at the Annual General Meeting, payable on or before the 31st March in each year.   No Member shall be entitled to compete in any competition that is in arrears with his Annual Subscription.
10 Meeting
The Club shall hold at least a Spring and Autumn Meeting in each year.   The Council shall have power to call other Meetings or promote such competitions or arrange such matches as it shall see fit.
11 Withdrawal of Membership
All notices of withdrawal from Membership shall be delivered to the Secretary prior to the Annual General Meeting in each year.
12 Termination of Membership
If a member of Council receives, in writing, from a member ( the “complaining member”) an allegation of misconduct by another member (the “reported member”) which misconduct appears to the complaining member to endanger the character, interest or good order of the Club, or is likely to bring the Club or Sport into disrepute, then a meeting of Council will be called to discuss the allegation and Council will make such enquiries as are considered necessary to determine the action, if any, to be taken in order to deal with the matter. If in the opinion of Council the conduct in question shall warrant the suspension or expulsion of such reported member then he will be so informed in writing. The reported member shall have the right to appear at a subsequent meeting of Council held for that purpose and to answer the complaint against him. Once Council has had the opportunity to further deliberate on the matter, the decision of Council will be intimated to the reported member in writing. Council shall have the power, by a majority vote by ballot of Council members present, to suspend or expel the reported member.

The reported member shall have the option to appeal against suspension or expulsion in writing to an appeal panel comprising 3 senior non Council members and may make representations to the panel at a meeting to be held as soon as practicable. The panel shall deliberate on the matter and shall have power by simple majority to uphold the appeal or to confirm the suspension or expulsion and their decision shall be final and binding upon the Club and the reported member.

13 Alteration of Rules
The Rules shall not be altered except at an Annual General Meeting or at a Special General Meeting called for the purpose, and intimation of the proposed alteration must be given in the notice calling the meeting and such alteration must be approved by a majority of the Members at such meeting.   Any Member desiring to move an alteration to the Rules at an Annual General Meeting must intimate the terms of his motion to the Honorary Secretary at least fourteen days before the date fixed for the Annual General Meeting.
All Members shall be issued with a copy of the Constitution.

Revised January 2004

Revised March 2011

Revised March 2013

Revised March 2014

Revised March 2016

Revised March 2018

Revised March 2019

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