Competition Rules

Arranging of Ties
All parties in any draw are considered to be challengers. Parties to any tie shall agree dates on which their tie should be played within the first 7 days of the period in which the tie is due to be played. Any party to a tie who is offering dates should offer three dates (not all in the same week and should include one weekend date). Ties not completed by specified dates will result in all parties to the tie being held in default and scratched from the competition.

Square Matches
Matches in all knockout competitions finishing square on the 18th green will be decided on the “sudden death” principle.

Decision on Course To Be Played
The challengers should normally suggest the course to be played. In the event of their being no agreement as to the course to be played the King’s course will be used. In winter events the Queen’s course will be used if no agreement is reached.

Ties in Multiple Round Stroke/Stableford Events
Except where otherwise indicated if there is a tie in a two round event the best last round score will be used to decide the winner. If there is still a tie the better inward half ruling will be used.

Starting Arrangements
a. For all events scheduled on Saturday or Sunday during the season an entry sheet will be posted on the Notice Board during the previous month. Members wishing to play in these events should append their name in the selected time block on the entry sheet. A start sheet will be posted on the Notice Board and communicated by e-mail to all members generally on the Wednesday prior to the event but every effort will be made to accommodate those members who have not entered their name in advance and who should thereafter contact the Duty Starter to be allocated a start time. It is incumbent on members also to advise the Duty Starter of their intention to withdraw if they are unable to play for any reason.

For other events where a club time had been pre-booked e.g. evening medals or competitions where starting arrangements are not previously described the following rules will apply:
b. Members will meet on the tee at the allotted time and organise a draw amongst themselves
c. The first draw should not take place earlier than five minutes before the allocated start time and members arriving early are expected to wait for this draw. A draw of one group may be made early only in the event that the tee is free and advantage may be taken of an earlier start time being available

Generally the following rules shall apply:
d. Any members(s) wishing to play early in “non-starred” events may do so as long as this is significantly before the allocated start time (e.g. 45 minutes).
e. Any member who chooses to play out with the allotted time in any event must notify the Club Secretary of their intention to do so either by phone message or e-mail prior to their starting time.
f. Arrangements can be made to play with other members towards the end of any allocated tee time. Anyone still waiting to play off or any new arrivals shall have priority over arranged games.
g. In “starred” events members may not play either before or after the allocated start time for any reason – no exceptions to this rule will be permitted
h. Members may bring a guest to play with them at Medal times but should generally play at the end of the field.

Returning of Cards
In all Medal competitions cards require to be completed correctly, countersigned by Dun Whinny members and if not collected immediately after the competition should be placed in the box below the Club notice board.
Members who record a no return must still submit their card indicating same.

Stroke Allowances
Except where otherwise indicated stroke allowances in singles competitions shall be full difference in handicap. In foursomes competition stroke allowance will be half the difference of combined handicaps and in four-ball competitions stroke allowance shall be 90% of the difference in handicap
In winter competitions the forward or winter tees will be used with full handicap allowance and preferred lies

Winter Competitions
Winter competitions are those events from the date after the last Medal in October to the 31st March the following year excluding any club Medals held in March.

Preferred Lies
Preferred lies will be allowed during the period immediately after the last Medal in October until the 31st March the following year. Preferred lies may be extended to the end of April by The Gleneagles Hotel but events held during April will still count as qualifying competitions for handicap purposes. Medals played in March will be non-qualifying events for handicap purposes.

Aggregate Scores in Multiple Round Events
In competitions comprising more than one round where aggregate scores are used to determine the winner the handicap used in determining the results will be the actual handicap used in playing the appropriate round of that competition. This will apply to all multiple round competitions except where noted otherwise.

Cancellation/Postponement and Re-scheduling of Events
In the event of course closure, or of the start being delayed in any competition for which a trophy is being played, being a single round competition or a multi-round competition, the following rule will apply.

The Duty starter will, after the expiry of 90 minutes from the due start time, declare the competition abandoned for that day and the competition will then be re-arranged on a future suitable and available date. It is understood that this may mean the amalgamation of the competition concerned with another trophy event both of which would be played together for that day. In the event that the course subsequently opens on the original date then members may play and submit cards and the event would then be run as a simple medal for which no trophy would be awarded.

If it is not possible to establish such an alternative date it may be necessary to reduce the number of rounds in a multi round event or to abandon the competition for that year in the event of a single trophy competition.

Participation in Competitions from Medal Tees
Any member who so wishes may submit a “Supplementary Score” from the yellow tees by playing in a medal competition which is organised to be played from the white or medal tees. Members will also require complying with the conditions as set out in Rule 21 of the CONGU Rules on the Unified Handicapping system which require the following conditions:
a. The player should have submitted six or less qualifying scores in the previous year
b. A maximum of ten Supplementary Score may be submitted during the year between annual reviews
c. The member will be limited to a maximum if one “Supplementary Score” per week
d. A player intending to return a “Supplementary Score” is required to signify his intention of so doing to the Duty Starter prior to commencing his round
e. A card not returned will result in a handicap increase of 0.1
f. Cards submitted as “Supplementary Scores” will not count towards the calculation of the CSS for that competition nor will they be entitled to win any prize which may be awarded for that competition.

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